What is the Client Area and how does it work?

The Client Area is the web version for computers, tablets and mobiles devices of our online booking and sales app.

Until now, when a customer wanted to book an appointment online, they could download for free our FLOWwwer App either from de Apple Store or from the Play Store and then search for your center in the directory, or download your Branded App (if you have one).
They could also book from the Appointment Calendar, which you had integrated into your Facebook page, your Instagram profile and even your Google My Business listing or your website. In addition, as it was a link, you could share it by email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Then, from FLOWwww, we added new updates to the app and you started to offer your customers the possibility to pay for the appointments they just booked, immediately and in advance, and also to buy online their vouchers, packs and favorite products from the e-commerce integrated to your app. That was great!

So, now what? We have extended the advantages of the app to a web version so that your customers can book, pay for their appointments and make their online purchases directly from Facebook, Instagram, your website, your Google My Business listing and even by accessing the link you send them by email, WhatsApp or SMS.
Do you wish to know more? We'll tell you all about it below.

Advantages of using the new Client Area feature.


  • You will be able to reinforce your customer acquisition efforts from any channel, facilitating online booking and purchasing. Customers will not have to download the application if they don't want to or don't have space on their mobile. They will only have to access it from any device (their computer, tablet or cell phone), click on the link you offer them and perform the desired action.
  • You can offer your customers the option to prepay for their appointments and even make it a condition for customers who come to you from the web or social networks to pay in advance for the booked service to ensure that they attend their appointment. This will allow you to unify your appointment booking policy from any channel, either from social networks or from the app.
  • You will be able to have a simple and functional e-commerce, without having to set up an online store on your website or on the Facebook-Instagram Shops platform. You will have it integrated into your app and synchronized in real time with your stock of products, with your price list and with your customers' files, so easy and fast!
  • When they access the Client Area service for the first time, they will have to register in your database, their user will be kept as a « temporal client » waiting to be validated by the center as « Client » They will only have to do it once. The System will remember their user (as long as they keep loging in from the same device) and they will be able to enter directly to your center's profile whenever they want to book, buy, check their available points and even receive your communications by push message.

       After all, it works just like the App!

* If you are going to access from another device and do not want your data to be saved, you should click on 'Disconnect'.


The Client Area feature can be acquired with any FLOWww version for a sum of 20€ (other prices depending on the country).