Session Signature. Ensure records of having done a treatment.

The Session Signature is the new functionality that comes to offer more guarantees and greater control over the services performed, especially in the case of vouchers, packs and subscriptions.

Let's imagine that one of the clients of the center has a voucher of 10 sessions, which will be used for a year long. From January to May the client comes to your center 6 times and does not come back until September. On their return, the client believes having 5 sessions left to consume. In this case it is likely we may have to assume the error and end up giving away a session.

To keep track of the actual number of used sessions among other data as the dates of the appointments, from now on, FLOWww can register the client's signature after each session.

How does it work?

    To set up this new feature, you must go to the 'Configuration' section of your system and then click on 'Clinics'. Access the center with the ‘See +’ icon ( the magnifying glass) and scroll down to look for the function 'Do you want to activate the electronic signature of sessions through FLOWww Me?'. Here, you can choose between three options: * By choosing the option, your system will restart to apply the changes.If not, refresh with F5.

    1. Option “No”

    The system won’t offer us the signature option. 

    2. Option “Yes, optional”

    After booking an appointment the system allows us to validate it from both softwares, FLOWww and FLOWwwMe.

    It is advised to use FLOWww Me App since the signature is collected from the same App. We would click on ‘Validate appointment’ (updated versions of FLOWwwMe) and later click on ’Save and collect’. After this the client would be able to sign on the screen of the cell phone or tablet.

    If otherwise the appointment is validated from FLOWww, we are driven to the Treatment Room screen from where we can  adjust some details of the session, etc. Once we click on “Save and collect” we have to take into account that although it is permitted we do not have to close the receipt, because then we won’t be able to sign the session.

    3. Option “Yes, mandatory”

    In this case when trying to validate an appointment directly from FLOWww a warning pops up forbidding the action and re-directing the user to FLOWwwMe.

    firma  obligatoria

    Once in the App we follow the instructions mentioned above as usual. “Validate>>Save and collect>>Sign”.

    *Reminder: turn your device horizontally so as the signature appears in the correct position in the document later on.

    Capturas FLOWwwMe-3

    In order to see the appointment status change in the Book in FLOWww we should refresh the Appointment book from the icon set up for that matter on the tools bar.

    But now, where can we find that signature?

    To check that it has been saved correctly, you must go to the client file in your FLOWww system. When accessing, you will see how in the ‘Client History’ section a new 'Signature' column has been added on the right of your screen and next to some treatments the ‘See +’ icon (the magnifying glass) appears.

    By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, you will download a document in PDF format with the information of the service performed along with the client's signature, as well as the date and time when the service was validated for the payment.

    compribante firma


    * This new functionality is available form Star version on.

    **If an older version of FLOWwwMe is installed: consult our agent in the Clients Department **