Rewards Program. Where to see it and how to tell your client about it.

A Rewards programme is one of the most complete and eficient marketing and loyalty tools.

FLOWww's Points-based Programme is designed to reward the loyalty of your clients. Thus, users can accumulate points which later can be used on treatments or other purchases in your centre, points that can then be used as a form of payment in exchange of new services or for buying  products.

FLOWwww system automatically saves the points your clients accumulate in their files, without the need for a physical punch card: 100% online, 100% updated.


How to set it up


From 'Configuration>>System', in the 'Points Program' section, we must indicate the following data:

*In the first two boxes we must stablish by how much a client multiplies the points earned.

*Then we indicate the value in euros (or the corresponding currency in the country), that each point will have to be redeemed in your centre.

* Last, we assign the percentage of the total value of each treatment, voucher, pack, product or subscription that he/she contracts in your centre or clinic to which your client will be entitled in order to obtain points.

Once these three sections have been configured, we will proceed to 'Propagate changes'.


So that our clients can pay for their treatments or purchases in 'Points', we must activate this payment method in our system. To do this, please contact our Client Service Department by clickin on the Help button as this needs internal intervention.

*FLOWww system allows you to indicate which of the payment methods will reward points , in case you don't  want certain payment method  to report points it can be configured (e.g.: as card payment involves a commission for my centre,  I do not want it to report points).

*It also allows you to configure the points for each service in detail, or to exclude some services from giving points. You just have to go to Tariff >> search service>> points >> and modify the points value of the service or deactivate it.

Where to consult the points obtained by the clients


1-From the client's file, in the drop-down menu next to their name, in the 'Points' section, you can see, not only the points accumulated, but also the equivalent in money, the centre where they have been obtained (if you have more than one), the date, time, invoice number, expiry date and if you click on 'See +', through which service or purchase they have been obtained.


2-In 'Statistics>>Listings>>>5.3 List of points obtained by customer. Here you can search by start date, end date and centre.

3-In a more generic way, if we need to know how many of our clients have 'x' amount of points, either by a simple consultation or a subsequent marketing action, from 'Client management>>>Advanced search>>How many points should they have, we will be able to carry out this search or segmentation.

How to communicate the amount of points obtained to clients

1-All customers who have downloaded the FLOWwwer App will be able to view it from the 'Profile' section in the lower menu.

puntos en flowwwer

2-If you have activated appointment reminders by App or SMS and you have included the code $CLIPOINTS$ in the text, you will also be able to see them.

3-If in  'Configuration>>>Clinics>>+>>E-mail', the 'Points balance' check box is activated, you will receive an e-mail (as long as the e-mail is indicated in the contact's profile), with the amount of points used for the payment done.

saldo puntos



*You can modify the amount to which each point is equivalent, as well as the % in value of each service or product in your centre, whenever you consider it appropriate.

*If a service is paid for with points, the customer will not earn any more points on that transaction.

*There is no limit on how many points can be earned, but you can set an expiry date for points to encourage their rapid consumption (the default is 365 days, but if you wish, you can ask the Client Service Department to change this ).

In the case of giving points away through  a workflow, only the expiry date established in the marketing action will apply.

*FLOWww system allows you to give or to take additional points to your customers manually (e.g. on their birthday).

*It is not possible to transfer points from one client to another.

* Points can be used as partial payment for services or purchases in your centre, but if the client uses them to pay from the APP the full amount must be redeemed.


The points programme is available from the BOSS version. The automation  with workflows of awarding points  is available from the STAR version.