Refer-a-friend program. What it is and how to set it up.

Among the Marketing tools you have the Refer-a-friend Program, a feature with which you reward your regular customers at the same time as gaining new customers.

It consists of distributing Cards with a unique code to your regular customers so that they can hand them out to their acquaintances. When their friends and family come to our centre or clinic and use these cards they will both accumulate points, which they can then exchange for the treatment, product or whatever they prefer and get discounts.

Everybody wins!

If , from the very moment you start with FLOWwww , you think you're going to use this program just let your agent know, and  you will have it ready in a minute.

If you are already working with us and want to set it up now you can do it all by yourself with these instructions or just contact Client Services Team using the Help button on the lower left corner of your system and they will be happy to help you.

How to get started

First of all the Loyalty Points Program has to be activated for the Refer-a-friend Progam to work, as we also accumulate points through it.

You can find out how to activate it here or ask our Client Service Team.

The configuration is very simple. Go to Configuration >> System.

In the last section, Suscriber Program, you will see two empty fields that you can fill in:

To indicate the number of points earned by our regular clients. (suscribers).
To indicate how many points new clients  will obtain when using these codes in the cards.

Once the number of points earned by both of them when using the cards it is indicated, click on "Save" and refresh the system.

Apart from the points, we can choose to give discounts to our regular customers, to those who come recommended or to both!

To set up the discount option please contact our Client Service Team  and request it, as it requires the intervention of our Systems Dept.

How to use it in the day-to-day


Cards are issued from the file of any of our current clients in our database, each one must have their own as the code is  linked to them.

Open the menu and click on Cards>> New Card. This way you can issue as many cards as your customer wants to give out.

The " Friend Card" can be printed by clicking on the printer icon, and we will see the coupon with the code and the amount of points that the new customer will receive.

When a new customer comes in and tells us that they have a card, before closing their ticket, click on the Card button and enter the code that they tell us or that is shown on their coupon. Automatically, his prescriber (the customer who gave him the card) will earn the established points and so will he.





The cards code only work if the client is a new customer.*

We can check this function by going to their respective Points sections in the menu of their cards. We will see the list of points they have earned, and by clicking on the magnifying glass (See +) we can see the information on the origin of these points.

Also from their file, in the Cards option, we will be able to see the cards that have been distributed and by whom they have been used.


*We can activate the option so that the same card code can be reused, i.e. if I have a client I could create a code like this: MARIA33. And all the clients who come from her would use the same code.

*You can also decide up to how many invoices the new customer will have the opportunity to use their code, and that it is not obligatory to use it on their first purchase, and you can establish that they can use the code up to the 3rd, 5th or whatever you want.


How to keep track of how it works


FLOWwww does it for you, from the Marketing>>Refer-a-Friend Program section you can see, for the period and the centre/s that you indicate, how this program is working by in a complete report in which you can see the graphs of the results of this loyalty program on your screen or save them in pdf.