How to set up your clinic's schedules

In this article, we will understand that the FLOWww system works with two schedules: the working schedule of your center (Agenda) and the schedule available for online appointments (App | Facebook | Instagram | Web).

Your schedule in the FLOWww system but can be easily modified in just a few steps.

How can I set or modify the opening hours in my center or clinic from FLOWww?

To modify the opening hours of your schedule

We will go to the side menu of our FLOWwww system and select the option 'Clinic' >> 'See +' . This will get us to the file of our center and in the section 'Opening hours' and 'Closing hours', we will have to indicate the new opening hours . Then, the system will restart itself to apply these changes.

To modify the opening hours of our online appointments

In this case, we will go to the FLOWwwer configuration button (located at the top of our screen) and go to the 'Fill in your file' section. Here, we will find the fields to indicate the time range (start/end), from which we want our clients to be able to take their online  appointments.

Remember that after a change that affects the configuration, you must always reload or update your FLOWww system so that changes can be visualized.


* What if my center's hours change and I have appointments booked outside this schedule?

 FLOWww system will alert you that there are appointments outside of the modified schedule and that the change cannot be applied. You will have to reschedule those appointments or wait to apply the schedule change.