FAQ's : How to cash up the end-of-day till

First of all mind that the system automatically records all the commercial activity that has taken place throughout the day (cash and card collections, deferred payments, advance payments, online sales, etc.). For the correct cash closing, we will have to fill in 4 fields:

  1. Card receipt count: at the end of the day, we will compare the total amount shown by the POS  with the amount indicated by the system in the 'Total credit card' section and we will write the amount in this blank box (if it does not coincide, we will first locate the mismatch in order to solve it and balance our cash register). 
  2. Till payments: in this box we indicate the amount of cash withdrawn from the cash drawer, in order to make a payment (e.g. purchase of cleaning supplies, payment of bills, etc.). If nothing has been withdrawn, enter 0,-.
  3. Final cash count: at the end of the day, we will add up all the  available cash in the drawer and indicate it in this section (it should coincide with the amount corresponding to: Total cash = initial cash + total cash - cash payments).
  4. Amount withdrawn: of the total cash we have collected during the day, we indicate the amount we take out of the drawer.

a. If we leave the total amount in the centre's cash drawer, we should put 0,- in this field. I
b. If we want to leave the initial cashbox amount for starting next day, we have to withdraw the difference in this field.

  5.   To finish, click on 'Calculate' (the balance of the initial till for the following day will be              automatically entered) and 'Close till'.