FAQ. I’ve introduced a "deferred payment" by mistake. How do I correct this payment method indicated unintentionally?

First of all, we must know if our system works with Total or Partial Billing and then we will proceed as follows:


To modify the deferred payment method introduced by mistake, we must go to the 'Billing >> List of receipt‘ section and reopen the receipt by clicking on the padlock. We delete the payment method indicated, by clicking on the trash can icon. Then we clic again on the 'Add payment' button, we select the correct one and go back to 'Close ticket'.

* If we do not have permission to reopen tickets, we must go to the client menu and from 'Billing', click on the bin of the invoice to be rectified and select the option 'By replacement' (it generates a Credit Note with the same payment mode but negative sum). Next, we should go to the ‘Installments’ section of the client menu and proceed to cancel the debt, indicating the amount and the correct form of payment.


We must go to 'Client management >> Search >> Look for the client >> $ >> New Credit Note'. By clicking on the 'Add concept' button we will write a description of what we are correcting and indicate the negative amount with the same payment method as the one to be rectified. Secondly, we must issue a second credit note, but this time with amount being positive and the correct form of payment. This allows keep the daily cash count balanced