FAQ. How to change an employee's work shift.

How do I change a work shift to another?

If we need to modify or completely change a shift we got to 'Configuration >> Work shifts >> New shift >> name it >> Save'. A weekly blank template schedule is showed onscreen and it is for us to click and drag the work times day by day until the shift is completed. Next, we will click on 'Return’ and refresh our system. We will go to 'Configuration >> Clinics >> See + >> Users >> See + (on the employee we want to modify their shift) >> Shifts’, we will click on the trash can to delete the current one and by clicking on the pencil, we will choose the new shift from the dropdown, Once chosen we click on 'Save'.

How do I make an exceptional change?

We go to 'Configuration >> Clinics >> See + >> Users >> See+ (on the employee to be modified) >> Schedule', we will click on the pencil of the corresponding week and we will eliminate, extend or shorten the schedule on the days needed. To finish, we will click on 'Return' (we will see how the name of the shift has changed to 'Customized').

In case of having a double visual of the Appointment book (by rooms and employees), we can also click on the name of the professional to directly edit their work shift for the ongoing week and then we’ll be able to modify it same way as described above