FAQ Where do clients view their available SMS credit?

After carrying out a marketing action and/or the automatic sending of appointment reminders via SMS, the client receives an informative email with the number of messages consumed, as well as the SMS credit that is still available. The email adress this information is sent to is the one previously indicated in the clinic file.

On the other hand, in case of making a purchase or recharge, they will also receive an email, with the confirmation of the credit. (Please note that the hiring or topping up SMS credit does not automatically introduce the SMS into the client's system. It must be loaded by the Systems Department and then the email would be sent).

In the event that the client contacts Support by phone to make such a request, a ticket will be opened on HBS to find out the information (writing a note to the Systems Dept. or/and the Head of the department) and be able to send it to the client.