FAQ | How to settle a deferred payment?

In order to cancel part or all of a debt some clients acquire with the center, there are two options:

  1. Go to ‘ Client Management >> Search >> Select the client >> See +' and clic on the ‘Installment’ tab. We will visualize their deferred payments and by clicking on the ‘Pay’ option a screen will be opened to indicate the type of payment and the sum that the client wants to settle.
  2. We also view clients debts globally from 'Billing >> Deferred payments' (here you can see the debts incurred by all customers in the center) and then proceed in the same way as mentioned before, clicking on the pink X, selecting the payment method and the amount to be paid.

*The settlement of deferred payments in Global Billing Systems does not issue any new document; but it does go in the cash register on the same day it is paid and adds the date of settlement on the original receipt.

On the contrary deferred payments in Partial Billing Systems do issue a ticket / invoice upon settlement.