FAQ How to delete a direct debit receipt?

We can automatically delete a direct debit receipt in two different ways:

1. We must go to the contact file in 'Client Management >> Search >> look for the name >> Search'. Once located, click on 'See +' and in its menu (we access by positioning ourselves on the icon next to its name), select the 'Billing' option. Next, we must locate the invoice in which the subscription has been sold and click on the 'Cancel invoice' option and choose the option 'By differences', issuing a negative credit note. When closing it, it will automatically remove the receipt from the section 'Billing >> Pending Receipts' and also the subscription of the contact file.

2. Another existing option as long as we haven’t done the till closing to which the subscription invoice belongs yet (otherwise we should first reopen it),it would be by clicking on the 'Billing' section of the client menu, click on padlock 'Reopen' of the corresponding invoice and then, go to the General menu, section 'Billing >> List of receipts, open the ticket and delete both the payment method and the subscription and then close it. This will delete the direct debit receipt and subscription from the contact's file.

(*) In the event that the direct debit bills have been remitted to the bank, we can also carry out the actions described.

3. If the direct debit batch had been already closed, the system wouldn’t allow us to carry out these actions, so to eliminate the direct debit receipt, we should issue a manual credit note from 'Billing >> List of receipts >> New credit note', adding the subscription from ' Add product 'and selecting in' Add payment 'the direct debit option.

(*) Important: This action does not remove the subscription from the client's file and so that no more receipts are generated, we should go to the 'Subscriptions' section and cancel the automatic renewal by clicking on the trash icon.