FAQ How to create a new user in my FLOWww system and how to disable one.


FLOWww can handle as many users as desired.

To create a new one you must follow the route explained below:

Configuration >> Clinics >> See + >> Users >> New user '. A fillable box like the one on the left will pop up and the requested data must be filled in: name, email, telephone number and profile.



In case we need to disable a user (Ex: that person has stopped working with us and we don’t want he or she to have access), go to "Configuration >> Clinics >> See + >> Users" and then check the box ‘Disable

In case certain user should get back their Access to FLOWww either they were disabled by mistake or because they need to re-start their work activity we can re-enable them by checking the 'See disabled users' box and then unchecking the 'Disable' box.

re enable