FAQ How to cancel the settlement of a deferred payment made by mistake or how to remove it when the client will never pay it.

We have accidentally settled a deferred payment that we have not actually collected.

Depending on the type of billing system we have configurated in our system, we will proceed to:

1. If we have "Partial billing" and we have the due permission, we must go to 'Billing >> List of receipts>> reopen‘ it by clicking on the padlock and delete the payment method and the concept by clicking on the trash can. The deferred payment will be automatically generated again.

2. If we have "Total billing", we will go to 'Client management >> Search >> locate contact >> Search >> $ >> New Credit Note', indicating the concept with the negative amount and the same payment method used and in secondly, we will issue another credit note with the amount due in positive and whose payment will be by 'Deferred payment'.

The client is not going to pay ever and I want to remove the deferred payment from my system

Regardless of the type of billing which we are working with, we must settle the deferred payment with the form of payment 'Cash'. Second, we will make a New Credit Note for the same amount in negative and with the same payment method'Cash'