FAQ How to add or remove a permission from a profile

To modify a permission of a profile follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to 'Configuration>> Profiles' and make a copy of the profile to be modified by clicking on the paper sheet icon. Doing this you make sure the original won’t be modified, and won’t affect other professionals who may have the same profile.


  1. Next, we will click on the ‘See +’ icon (magnifying glass) and from the 'Module' and 'Access' drop-down menus, we will look for the necessary permit and clicking on 'New permission', permits will be added. On the contrary, by clicking on the trash can icon, permits will be aliminated from the profile in case it is not wanted the user to be able to perform certains actions.


  1. In order to asign the new profile, it can be done from 'Configuration >> Clinics >> See + >> Users >> >See + (on the employee to modify) >> Permissions' and click on the trash can to delete the current one. In the drop-down of 'Clinic', we select the center and in 'User profile', we choose the one created, we will click on 'Add' and finally a refresh of the system will be necessary.


* This action can only be performed by Administrators and those who have the permission explicitly granted.