FAQ How to add, modify, rearrange or hide treatment rooms.

In case we need to add more rooms or spaces in our agenda, modify any aspect of them, reorganize them or even delete or hide them if they are no longer available, we must go to the section 'Configuration >> Clinics >> See + >> Treatment Rooms'.

  • To add a new room, we just have to click on the 'New Treat.room' button and fill in the pop-up window wih fillable fields. Later, we will mark or unmark the checkboxes as needed:

-Opening Saturdays: we will mark this box if our center is open on Saturdays.

-Hide: if we need the room to stop being visible but some activity has already been carried out in it , it won‘t be possible to delete it, but we can hide it by checking this box.

-Sending SMS / Push / Email: we will check de box, if we want to send reminders to the clients who are to be treated in this room.

-Influence statistics: if we want all the activity scheduled in the Treatment room to report statistical data, we must check the box.

-It appears in APP / Self: if we want the streatments that can be performed in this room to be available for the online appointment, we will check that box.

  • To delete a booth or a room: we will click on 'Delete', if the room is no longer available and no activity has been carried out in it , otherwhise we will select to hide if we want to stop working in there but it has had appointments at least once.
  • We can re-order the rooms by clicking on the 'Up' and 'Down' arrows.