Document organisation with FLOWwww

Achieve maximum efficiency in your day-to-day work routines with the perfect organisation of your digitised documents.

When everything is in its place we move faster, so now we'll be able to find any document without wasting a second thanks to the new organisation structure based on folders that  FLOWwww system allows from now on.

If before we already could store as many digitised documents as needed, it is true indeed that we could end up with a rather long and uncomfortable list to consult.


How to organise them?

  • First of all decide how you want to classify your documents, for example by subject (physiotherapy, facials, laser...) or by function (GDPR, consents, authorisations...).
  • Contact our Clients Department and ask for your documents to be organised into folders.

How to find them?

You will see that the usual "Medical consultation" screen has a cleaner appearance and is definitely neater and accessible to all users in your centre.

  • When you click on a folder, it will scroll down showing the documents  inside.
    As easy as that.


folders organisation completo.

You can also continue to use the search engine, type a word or part of a word and the search engine will identify the matches it finds inside and outside the folders, underlining them so that we can see them right away.


Please note

*This request requires the intervention of the Systems Department.