What are Customer Acquisition Forms for and how can they be used?

Forms are a key element when it comes to atract new and potential clients. With them, not only will you obtain the essential data of your future clients, but also you‘ll obtain requests for information about treatments, suggestions or diagnosis.

By filling out the form, these contacts become interested contacts or Leads with whom you can establish communication through any of the channels they have indicated, offering them precisely what they are interested in, whether it is a new advertised treatment, or preparing a personalized quote. The important thing is to start the relationship!


Let's see how to set them up.

This type of recruitment form can be placed wherever you want and will register temporary clients in your FLOWwww system and hence create a list of clients predisposed to schedule their first appointment.

These forms are linked to the origin of the contact, so that when you acquire customers, you will know their provenance, whether it is from a marketing campaign or a new release publication.


Step 1. Create the origin

Access your system and go to the 'Marketing' >> 'Origins' section.

Or from 'Configuration' >> 'Clinic' >> 'See +' >> 'Origins'.

Click on the 'New Origin' button, choose the campaign and add in the description the channel through which the contacts will come to you (Instagram, Facebook, an influencer, the web, a QR in your shop window, etc).

paso 1

Step 2. Generate link

You will see on the screen a new column with a 'Cloud' icon to generate your form’s URL. Click on the Cloud and a window will open with the link.

paso 2

Copy and paste it wherever you want: in a post or in the 'Sign up' button on Facebook, in yourInstagram profile....

Clicking on the link you will be directed to a fillable form.

registro 2

Step 3. Consult customers and comments.

Go to Client management >> Advanced search >> Select the clinic and filter How did they find out about you? those contacts that appear with the mobile icon, will have come through the form.

You will be able to consult the comments they have left on the form in their client history.

Historial completo



You can also set up a Landing Page, using free platforms such as Hubspot, Leadpages, Wix and even ONTRAPages, Strikingly or Weebly. Insert the link of your form in your Landing Page, using an iFrame (HTML code fragment that allows you to embed the content of a URL in any page). You can insert it in your website, as another element of a page, or as a pop-up window, which will pop up when the contact visits your website.


Then, according to the campaign source of each form, you ‘ll be able to use the link to your LP or website, in your social networks or convert it into a QR, which you can use in the price list you put in the shop window or in a brochure.


A video to see how you can create, publish and use these forms  is available here below. Start right now to set up this great FLOWww tool and make the most of it!