Appointment scheduling optimization feature.

When booking online it is very likely to leave gaps in the appointment book that may be difficult to fill, or simply appointments might come in at inconvenient times. In FLOWwww there is a innovative solution to optimise your schedule.

This new feature can be activated from each clinic's file, from Configuration>> Clinics>> View+>> and by answering the following question:

"Do you want to optimise the gaps in the appointment book? If you select this option, App/Self will hide the available appointments that are not contiguous to existing bookings, avoiding empty gaps in the calendar.

Simply click on one of the two possible options, "No" (default) and "Yes". 


pregunta no huecos con flecha

From that moment on, when customers book an appointment either through the App, the Client Area Module, or any other online channel, they will always be offered the times immediately adjacent to existing appointments, both before and after, avoiding leaving gaps that are sometimes difficult to take advantage of.