BADGES. Smart Notifications of pending actions.

FLOWww keeps on innovating so as to allow more fluid work routines and facilitate the day to day

Now we have created a new module that implements methods to calculate the number of pending actions according to the part of the system we are interested in for each clinic. These values are calculated in certain processes, stored in a database and read from it to create the notification in the form of a red bubble that will appear in the interface.

captura badges completoThe pending actions that are calculated at the moment are as follows:

1. Appointments pending validation: This is recalculated when an appointment is validated.
2. Tickets pending to close. Recalculated when opening or closing a ticket.
3. Boxes pending closure: Recalculated when a box is closed.
4. Invoices to be settled: Recalculated when a payment is added to an invoice.

These notifications will appear next to the main menu sections when they are closed (Customer Management, Agenda, Invoicing, etc).

To see what they are specifically about, click on each one and you will see that bubbles will appear indicating to the user that he has some actions to perform within each option.

In this way, the system itself warns you of pending tasks that remain throughout the day so that you can close the day with the work finished.

*This feature is not customisable.
Systems will come standard with this enhancement and it cannot be disabled.
Notifications will be added to the functions that present a need.